Rowing New South Wales Regattas Row Safe: A guide to rowing safely

2018 NSW Rowing Championships

Date: Fri 16th - Sun 18th February , 2018
Venue: Sydney International Regatta Centre
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
 Heats/SemisCWU19 1x, CMU19 1x, CWU21 1x, CMU21 1x, CWU231x, CMU23 1x, CWE 1x, CME 1x, CWU21L 1x, CMU21L 1x, CWU23L 1x, CMU23L 1x, CWEL 1x, CMEL 1x, CWE 2-, CMW 2-, CMEL 2-       
 FRIDAYIn the event of extreme weather, the start of racing may be brought forward from 1300hrs to 0800hrs       
51CLTA 4+Championship Leg, Trunk & Arms Coxed Four-ClubMixedSweep42000M
12CME 1xChampionship Mens Elite Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
14CME 2-Championship Mens Elite Pair-ClubMaleSweep22000M
36CME 2xChampionship Mens Elite Double Scull-ClubMaleScull22000M
50CME 4+Championship Mens Elite Coxed Four-ClubMaleSweep42000M
38CME 4-Championship Mens Elite Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep42000M
80CME 4xChampionship Mens Elite Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull42000M
65CME 8+Championship Mens Elite Eight-ClubMaleSweep82000M
22CMEL 1xChampionship Mens Elite Lightweight Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
23CMEL 2-Championship Mens Elite Lightweight Pair-ClubMaleSweep22000M
48CMEL 2xChampionship Mens Elite Lightweight Double Scull-ClubMaleScull22000M
49CMEL 4-Championship Mens Elite Lightweight Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep42000M
68CMEL 4xChampionship Mens Elite Lightweight Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull42000M
66CMEL 8+Championship Mens Elite Lightweight Eight-ClubMaleSweep82000M
70CMU16 1xChampionship Mens Under 16 Single Scull-ClubMaleScull11000M
42CMU16 2xChampionship Men's Under 16 Double Scull-ClubMaleScull21000M
53CMU16 4x+Championship Mens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull41000M
78CMU17 1xChampionship Mens Under 17 Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
34CMU17 2xChampionship Mens Under 17 Double Scull-ClubMaleScull22000M
61CMU17 4x+Championship Mens Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull42000M
16CMU17 8+Championship Men's Under 17 Eight-ClubMaleSweep82000M
6CMU19 1xChampionship Mens Under 19 Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
59CMU19 2xChampionship Mens Under 19 Double Scull-ClubMaleScull22000M
30CMU19 4+Championship Mens Under 19 Coxed Four-ClubMaleSweep42000M
74CMU19 4xChampionship Mens Under 19 Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull42000M
8CMU21 1xChampionship Mens Under 21 Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
76CMU21 2-Championship Mens Under 21 Pair-ClubMaleSweep22000M
63CMU21 4xChampionship Mens Under 21 Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull42000M
32CMU21 8+Championship Mens Under 21 Eight-ClubMaleSweep82000M
18CMU21L 1xChampionship Mens Under 21 Lightweight Single-ClubMaleScull12000M
44CMU21L 2xChampionship Men's Under 21 Lightweight Double-ClubMaleScull22000M
10CMU23 1xChampionship Mens Under 23 Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
55CMU23 2-Championship Mens Under 23 Pair-ClubMaleSweep22000M
20CMU23L 1xChampionship Mens Under 23 Lightweight Single-ClubMaleScull12000M
46CMU23L 2xChampionship Men's Under 23 Lightweight Double-ClubMaleScull22000M
24CPara 2xChampionship Para Double Scull-ClubMixedScull22000M
3CPara M 1xChampionship Men's Para Single Scull-ClubMaleScull12000M
1CPara M 1x Rec 500Championship Men's Para Single Scull Rec 500-ClubMaleScull1500M
4CPara W 1xChampionship Women's Para Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
2CPara W 1x Rec 500Championship Women's Para Single Scull Rec 500-ClubFemaleScull1500M
57CSB 1xChampionship Schoolboy Single Scull-SchoolMaleScull12000M
72CSB 2xChampionship Schoolboy Double Scull-SchoolMaleScull22000M
26CSB 4+Championship Schoolboy Four-SchoolMaleSweep42000M
40CSB 4x+Championship Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull-SchoolMaleScull42000M
28CSB 8+Championship Schoolboy Eight-SchoolMaleSweep82000M
56CSG 1xChampionship Schoolgirl Single Scull-SchoolFemaleScull12000M
71CSG 2xChampionship Schoolgirl Double Scull-SchoolFemaleScull22000M
25CSG 4+Championship Schoolgirl Four-SchoolFemaleSweep42000M
39CSG 4x+Championship Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull-SchoolFemaleScull42000M
27CSG 8+Championship Schoolgirl Eight-SchoolFemaleSweep82000M
11CWE 1xChampionship Womens Elite Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
13CWE 2-Championship Womens Elite Pair-ClubFemaleSweep22000M
35CWE 2xChampionship Womens Elite Double Scull-ClubFemaleScull22000M
37CWE 4-Championship Womens Elite Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep42000M
79CWE 4xChampionship Womens Elite Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull42000M
64CWE 8+Championship Womens Elite Eight-ClubFemaleSweep82000M
21CWEL 1xChampionship Womens Elite Lightweight Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
47CWEL 2xChampionship Womens Elite Lightweight Double Scull-ClubFemaleScull22000M
67CWEL 4xChampion Womens Elite Lightweight Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull42000M
69CWU16 1xChampionship Womens Under 16 Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull11000M
41CWU16 2xChampionship Women's Under 16 Double Scull-ClubFemaleScull21000M
52CWU16 4x+Championship Womens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull41000M
77CWU17 1xChampionship Womens Under 17 Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
33CWU17 2xChampionship Womens Under 17 Double Scull-ClubFemaleScull22000M
60CWU17 4x+Championship Womens Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull42000M
15CWU17 8+Championship Women's Under 17 Eight-ClubFemaleSweep82000M
5CWU19 1xChampionship Womens Under19 Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
58CWU19 2xChampionship Womens Under 19 Double Scull-ClubFemaleScull22000M
29CWU19 4+Championship Womens Under 19 Coxed Four-ClubFemaleSweep42000M
73CWU19 4xChampionship Womens Under 19 Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull42000M
7CWU21 1xChampionship Womens Under 21 Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
75CWU21 2-Championship Womens Under 21 Pair-ClubFemaleSweep22000M
62CWU21 4xChampionship Womens Under 21 Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull42000M
31CWU21 8+Championship Women Under21 Eight-ClubFemaleSweep82000M
17CWU21L 1xChampionship Womens Under 21 Lightweight Single-ClubFemaleScull12000M
43CWU21L 2xChampionship Women's Under 21 Lightweight Double-ClubFemaleScull22000M
9CWU23 1xChampionship Women Under 23 Single Scull-ClubFemaleScull12000M
54CWU23 2-Championship Women Under 23 Pair-ClubFemaleSweep22000M
19CWU23L 1xChampionship Womens Under 23 Lightweight Single-ClubFemaleScull12000M
45CWU23L 2xChampionship Women's Under 23 Lightweight Double-ClubFemaleScull22000M