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2017 CDRA Sprint Championships

Date: Sun 26th November, 2017
Venue: Throsby Creek
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
5CM 1xChampionship Mens Single Scull9ClubMaleSculling1400M
38CM 2xChampionship Mens Double Scull7ClubMaleSculling2400M
49CM 4+/-Championship Men's Coxed/Coxless Four2ClubMaleSweep4400M
15CM 4xChampionship Mens Quad Scull5ClubMaleSculling4400M
19CMM 1xChampionship Mens Masters Single Scull11MastersMaleSculling1400M
53CMM 2xChampionship Mens Masters Double Scull8MastersMaleSculling2400M
35CMM 4+/4-Championship Mens Masters Coxed/Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep4400M
2CMM 4xChampionship Mens Masters Quad Scull2MastersMaleSculling4400M
39CMU16 1xChampionship Mens Under 16 Single Scull8ClubMaleSculling1400M
39ACMU16 1xChampionship Mens Under 16 Single Scull2ClubMaleSculling1400M
16CMU16 2xChampionship Men's Under 16 Double Scull7ClubMaleSculling2400M
50CMU16 4x+Championship Mens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull7ClubMaleSculling4400M
40CMU17 1xChampionship Mens Under 17 Single Scull7ClubMaleSculling1400M
17CMU17 2xChampionship Mens Under 17 Double Scull4ClubMaleSculling2400M
51CMU17 4x+Championship Mens Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull3ClubMaleSculling4400M
41CMU19 1xChampionship Mens Under 19 Single Scull3ClubMaleSculling1400M
18CMU19 2xChampionship Mens Under 19 Double Scull5ClubMaleSculling2400M
52CMU19 4xChampionship Mens Under 19 Quad Scull3ClubMaleSculling4400M
34CW 1xChampionship Womens Single Scull9ClubFemaleSculling1400M
9CW 2xChampionship Womens Double Scull4ClubFemaleSculling2400M
20CW 4+/-Championship Women's Coxed/Coxless Four2ClubFemaleSweep4400M
44CW 4xChampionship Womens Quad Scull4ClubFemaleSculling4400M
48CWM 1xChampionship Womens Masters Single Scull6MastersFemaleSculling1400M
48ACWM 1xChampionship Womens Masters Single Scull3MastersFemaleSculling1400M
24CWM 2xChampionship Womens Masters Double Scull9MastersFemaleSculling2400M
6CWM 4+/4-Championship Womens Masters Coxed/Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep4400M
31CWM 4xChampionship Womens Masters Quad Scull4MastersFemaleSculling4400M
10ACWU16 1xChampionship Womens Under 16 Single Scull5ClubFemaleSculling1400M
10CWU16 1xChampionship Womens Under 16 Single Scull9ClubFemaleSculling1400M
45CWU16 2xChampionship Women's Under 16 Double Scull6ClubFemaleSculling2400M
21CWU16 4x+Championship Womens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull4ClubFemaleSculling4400M
11CWU17 1xChampionship Womens Under 17 Single Scull7ClubFemaleSculling1400M
46CWU17 2xChampionship Womens Under 17 Double Scull5ClubFemaleSculling2400M
22CWU17 4x+Championship Womens Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull3ClubFemaleSculling4400M
12CWU19 1xChampionship Womens Under19 Single Scull3ClubFemaleSculling1400M
47CWU19 2xChampionship Womens Under 19 Double Scull5ClubFemaleSculling2400M
23CWU19 4xChampionship Womens Under 19 Quad Scull1ClubFemaleSculling4400M
29AGIFTLinwood Throsby Gift Relay5ClubMixedSculling4400M
55MC 1xMen's C Grade Single Scull12ClubMaleSculling1400M
4MC 2xMen's C Grade Double Scull9ClubMaleSculling2400M
14MC 4+/-Men's C Grade Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep4400M
37MC 4xMen's C Grade Quad Scull7ClubMaleSculling4400M
54MD 1xMen's D Grade Single Scull15ClubMaleSculling1400M
3MD 2xMen's D Grade Double Scull14ClubMaleSculling2400M
13MD 4+/-Men's D Grade Coxed/Coxless Four3ClubMaleSweep4400M
36MD 4xMen's D Grade Quad Scull11ClubMaleSculling4400M
27Mix 2xMixed Double Scull5ClubMixedSculling2400M
28Mix 4+Mixed Coxed Four-ClubMixedSweep4400M
29Mix 4xMixed Quad Scull5ClubMixedSculling4400M
1MU15 4x+Men's Under 15 Coxed Quad Scull9ClubMaleSculling4400M
29BWAVECUTTERWavecutter Invitational-ClubMixedSculling4400M
26WC 1xWomen's C Grade Single Scull11ClubFemaleSculling1400M
33WC 2xWomen's C Grade Double Scull7ClubFemaleSculling2400M
43WC 4+/-Women's C Grade Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep4400M
8WC 4xWomen's C Grade Quad Scull2ClubFemaleSculling4400M
25WD 1xWomen's D Grade Single Scull18ClubFemaleSculling1400M
32WD 2xWomen's D Grade Double Scull12ClubFemaleSculling2400M
42WD 4+/-Women's D Grade Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep4400M
7WD 4xWomen's D Grade Quad Scull11ClubFemaleSculling4400M
30WU15 4x+Women's Under 15 Coxed Quad Scull4ClubFemaleSculling4400M
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