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2017 Iron Cove Classic 1 Regatta

Date: Sun 15th October, 2017
Venue: Iron Cove
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
1MA-D Grade 8+Mens A-D Graded Eights3ClubMaleSweep87.8K
7Mix 8+Mixed Eight4ClubMixedSweep87.8K
3MM 8+Men's Masters Eight8MastersMaleSweep87.8K
5SB 8+Schoolboy Eight-SchoolMaleSweep87.8K
6SG 8+Schoolgirl Eight-SchoolFemaleSweep87.8K
2WA-D Grade 8+Womens A-D Graded Eights2ClubFemaleSweep87.8K
4WM 8+Women's Masters Eight9MastersFemaleSweep87.8K
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